New Car Wash Investor Resources

Video 1 - Car Wash Types

Explore the pros and cons of full-serve, Express-exterior, and flex serve car washing from operators doing all three.

Video 2 - Evaluating Car Wash Locations

Review the common elements of successful site selection and gain a better understanding of the systematic steps to determine the best location for a car wash in a given market.

Video 3 - Financing Options

Join industry experts and operators as they evaluate bank loans, SBA financing, and venture capital - weighing the pros and cons of each as it applies to the car wash industry.

Video 4 - Construction Planning

Go behind the scenes for a step by step guide to planning the construction of a conveyorized car wash for the group up. Learn what you can do to streamline the process, avoid delays, and save money.

Video 5 - Zoning and Permitting

Understanding the variables, people, and procedures you need to know to navigate the zoning and permitting of your car wash project with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

Video 6 - Car Wash Equipment Selection

Learn what goes where and why in a conveyorized car wash to get a clean dry shiny car in 3 to 5 minutes, with no damage, at a profit margin that makes sense to do so.

Video 7 - Car Wash Marketing Overview

Full, Flex, or Express Exterior - meet successful operators across the country as they discuss what marketing strategies are (and are not) working for them.

Video 8 - Car Wash Financial Information

Learn how to analyze cash-flow statements to manage the profitability of an existing location or determine if a proposed car wash project represents the right format, location, and equipment capacity to meet your investment objectives.

Video 9 - Maximizing Car Wash Profits

Review proven ways to increase revenue at a car wash with extra services and additional profit centers while motivating staff to help drive sales at your location.

Video 10 - Car Wash Risk Management

Understand potential liabilities at a car wash and learn what you can do to avoid known hazards while reducing your exposure to their impact on your business.

New Carwash Investors
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